Title One Amelia Earhart Elementary

Earhart Title One Meeting Presentation
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What is Title One?
Title One is federal funding for low achieving students targeted to high poverty schools.  Title One provides extra support to our at risk and low achieving students.  It allows us to provide additional resources to help close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children.  It allows us to provide extra staff and materials for our students.   Earhart has a school wide Title One Program.  Our Title One funding is used to upgrade the entire educational program while providing additional support to our most at-risk students.  Materials and resources that are purchased with Title One funds can be utilized by all of our students at Earhart.  We serve our at-risk students by providing daily intervention in reading and math through small group instruction.   Also, we purchase and utilize researched-based intervention programs to help close the learning gaps that our at-risk students have in reading and mathematics. 

Who can be served through Title One?
We have a school wide Title One Program at Earhart Elementary.  Any student that has an academic need is eligible for Title One services.      

If you have questions regarding Earhart's Title One Program, please email Delicia McCoy at dmccoy@lsc.k12.in.us.