Ms. Leuthold's Classroom

Assignments for the Week of May 11-15

**Don’t forget that you need to complete one activity for each Special this week.  This will be counted as your grade in their classes.)**

Zoom call this week! 

(Friday 5/15 at 1:00 p.m.)

This week we will be doing our Zoom call on Friday instead of Wednesday.

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Monday, May 11

Math -             Complete the Math Puzzles in your Showbie folder.  You may work on them throughout the week.  All puzzles are due by Sunday.

Social Studies-  Read the lesson Indiana and the Civil War Part 2 from your Social Studies book in Showbie.  (You will use it on Wednesday to complete the worksheet.)

Design a Theme Park Project You will continue to work on your theme park project this week.  New pages have been uploaded to the Showbie folder.   Please put some time and effort into your project and be creative.  You may use online research to help you come up with some ideas, but ultimately this must be your own thoughts.  Some pages may ask you to draw a picture on the page.  I know doing this in Showbie will not be as easy as it would be if you had the paper in front of you, but try your best.  Here are a few helpful hints:  enlarge the screen area where you are trying to draw, change the thickness of your lines to a skinnier line and use a variety of colors.

                     If you find that you are struggling, you may always draw your item on a separate piece of paper, take a photo of it and upload it to Showbie. 

                      I will be putting this week’s pages in one folder on Showbie.  You may work on them throughout the week however you would like as long as they are completed by Sunday, May 17th.  This is a project that will take some time, so I would not expect to see it completed for SEVERAL days.  Have fun and be creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Class Compliment Page Complete this page in your Showbie folder.  Make sure you read the directions before you begin.

Fourth Grade Memory Book Complete your memory book in Showbie.  This assignment may be worked on all week and is due by Sunday.  Please take time to think back through the year of all of the things that you accomplished and all of the activities that you had this year.


Wednesday, May 13

Math --                 Work on Math Puzzles (all puzzles due by Sunday)

Social Studies -    Complete the Indiana and The Civil War Part 2 Worksheet (use the reading from Monday’s assignment to find your answers.  You do not need to restate, but you do need to capitalize and spell correctly.  Make sure your answers can be read before turning it in, please. 

Design a Theme Park Project Continue to work on your project.

Fourth Grade Memory Book Continue to work on your memory book.

Friday, May 15 (Last Day of School)

Zoom Video Chat at 1:00 p.m. today. (Optional)

Math -              Work on Math Puzzles (all puzzles due by Sunday)

Design a Theme Park Project Continue to work on your project.  All pages must be completed by Sunday at noon. 

Fourth Grade Memory Book Continue to work on/finish your memory book.  All pages are due by Sunday at noon.

Room 25 Friends Word Search Complete the word search in your Showbie Folder.