Miss Dawson

Ms. Dawson's 3rd Grade

                    Hello, and welcome to Ms. Dawson's third grade class webpage!
     To begin with, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm excited to begin my eleventh year of teaching! Of my ten years' experience, I taught third grade for nine years and fourth grade for one. This will be my fourth year at Earhart. 

     My students will get to be engineers throughout the school year! How exciting! I am a member of Purdue's SLED (Science Learning through Engineering Design) team. I have participated in workshops at Purdue for the last three summers to learn how to teach science to elementary students using engineering design principles. We'll keep engineering notebooks, learn the design process, and do several fun design tasks!

The best way to contact me is by email at vdawson@lsc.k12.in.us. I check my email several times a day and will reply to you at my earliest convenience. Another way to reach me is to call Earhart at 765-772-4740.

Let's swim into a "fin"tastic year!