We love visitors!  Please stop in!

Our building is open for visitors from 8am until 4pm Monday through Friday.  During school hours, all of our doors are locked.  Please ring the bell at our Main Entrance (Entrance A) and we will gladly “buzz” you into the building.  All visitors are asked to report directly to the Main Office so that you can sign in and receive a Visitor’s Badge.  This helps keep our building safe and secure.

 Many parents enjoy eating lunch with their student.  You are welcome to bring a lunch from a restaurant or home, or purchase a school lunch (Adult price $2.75-please call before 9am so we can order a school lunch for you).  Earplugs are not provided in the cafeteria...

 If you would like to visit your student’s classroom, it is LSC policy to arrange those visits with the classroom teacher at least 24 hours in advance.  Call the office and we’ll be happy to help arrange a visit!

How to get involved

Many teachers have volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  

 The Earhart School Association (ESA) is our parent group.  This organization meets monthly – typically on the first Tuesday of the month – at 6:30pm in the cafeteria.  All parents are welcome to attend.  ESA meetings help organize school events, find volunteers, and provide feedback to school leaders to make sure our students have the best experience possible.  We hope to see you at an ESA meeting this year!

 Parent involvement is also a key part of each student’s academic success.  Check your student’s Purple Folder daily for announcements, newsletters, classroom updates, and homework.  Our 3rd and 4th graders also keep an assignment notebook to help parents stay informed with what is happening here at school.  This year, parents will be asked to help make sure their student is reading at least 20 minutes per night.  A reading log will come home to help make sure everyone meets this goal!

 One easy way to stay up to date on involvement activities is to read our monthly newsletter, The Flyer, or to follow the school on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/EarhartElementary ) , Twitter (@earhartschool), or our school website (http://lsc.ameliaearhart.schoolfusion.us/).  We also send out announcements via e-mail and text so please be sure you are signed up to received them through the Power School Parent Portal – this is the same service that provides the online registration as well as access to student grades and attendance throughout the year.

Help us keep everyone safe!

One of the biggest challenges in any school is making sure we know where kids are at all times.  If your student is absent, please call the school as early as you can and let us know (772-4740).  If you call outside of school hours, please leave a message with your child’s first and last name, their teacher’s name, and the reason for their absence.  The fewer attendance calls we need to make, the faster we can identify those situations where a student was supposed to come to school but didn’t (yes, that happens!  And it is scary for parents and school staff!)  Help us keep everyone safe and call in those absences!  

 We will conduct school safety drills throughout the school year to make sure students and staff are prepared for any situations that arise during the year.  In addition to monthly fire drills, Earhart conducts regular drills for severe weather and “Alert Status” situations. 

During an Alert Status situation, students and staff remain in secure locations throughout the building.  Please understand that we may not be able to answer phones or welcome visitors into the building.  Calling the school or visiting the school may actually hinder our ability to respond to the situation.  Typically, Alert Status is called for when there is dangerous activity in the school’s vicinity.  Rest assured that we are in regular contact with the Lafayette Police Department throughout those types of events so that we can keep everyone safe.

The most common safety issue we face throughout the year is regarding changes to dismissal plans.  If possible, we ask that parents send a written note regarding any changes to the regular dismissal routine.  The student should turn this in to the office when they arrive.  In the event you are not able to send a note to school, parents can call with changes until 2pm.  Please note: recently the Transportation Department stopped allowing students to ride a friend’s bus home.  Students may ride a non-assigned bus on a limited basis due to extenuating circumstances, but only with the approval of the Transportation Department.  You can reach them at 771-6059 to arrange this.


Daily Basics

Our doors open each day at 7:45 AM.  Students head to the gym until 8 AM and then wait outside their classrooms until 8:15 AM.  At 8:15 the bell rings and students can enter the classroom.  Video announcements start at 8:20 and the tardy bell rings at 8:25 to signal the start of the day.  Dismissal is at 2:45.

On Fridays, we start the day with music.  We pump music into the halls from 8:00-8:15 and students can walk the halls with their friends.  It is a fun and energetic way to start every Friday.  


We are part of Broncho Nation!

Earhart students will continue through Sunnyside Intermediate School, Tecumseh Junior High School, and attend high school at Lafayette Jefferson High School.  As a proud member of Broncho Nation, we have student tickets for JHS athletic events that can be purchased in the office for $1 (gate price is $3).  Be sure to purchase your student tickets here before you head to the games to support Broncho Nation!


Collecting Food, Change, and Pop Tabs

We hope to instill in our students a passion for helping others.  Earhart is host to several “drives” throughout the school year where we have an opportunity to help others in less fortunate situations.  In the fall, we will have a Non-Perishable Food Drive benefitting Food Finders.  In the spring we collect change for Lafayette Family Services’ Penny Harvest. Throughout the year we collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House at Riley.  Please consider donating to these great charities!

Celebrating Success!

There are several ways we celebrate success here at Earhart.  Here are a few that you may see or hear of:

  • PROPS (Positive Reinforcement for Outstanding Performance at School) – these are green tickets that students receive when they are caught doing the right thing.  
  • First Class Flyers – Sometimes kids go above and beyond in their awesomeness.  We recognize those with our First Class Flyer Awards (also known as the Purple Ticket).  The teacher often writes a note on the certificate explaining the great things the student has done.  
  • CSIs (Complete Series Investigators) – these awards are earned by students for reading a complete book series from the library.



Communication with teachers is a vital part of student success.  Our office is open from 7:30am until 4pm to take your calls.  During school hours, 8:25-2:45, we may ask you to leave a message for the teacher so that we do not interrupt teaching time.  E-mail is also a great way to stay in contact with your child’s teacher.   A complete staff listing is available on this website.  We strongly encourage parents to contact teachers directly if a concern arises during the school year. 

 If your contact information changes, please call or send in a note so that we can keep our records up to date.  Sometimes it is vital to get hold of a parent in an emergency.  Sometimes we just want to call to tell you what a great kid you have.  Either way we need the right number!


Dress Code and Assistance

Earhart students will “Dress for success!“  Please refer to the standard dress code handout found in the student handbook or online (www.lsc.k12.in.us – Student Dress Code is under the “Parent” tab).  If you need assistance with clothing purchases, there are several options. It’s My Closet, located in portable classrooms behind the old Durgan School, is available for Earhart students and provides clothing free of charge.   Goodwill, the Salvation Army are also inexpensive shopping options.

 Wednesdays are special days at Earhart – these are Spirit Days.  On Wednesdays, students are allowed to wear non-collared t-shirts or sweatshirts that are either: a solid color, have an Earhart or LSC school logo, or are from an LSC sport, club, or organization (Jeff HS basketball camp; Sunnyside Cross Country; Tecumseh Cheerleading Camp; etc.)  In addition, one Wednesday per month we will have a special Spirit Day where students and staff can dress to the theme of the day and dress code is not required if you participate in the spirit day. 


Boxtops for Education

Earhart participates in collecting Boxtops for Education.  Please save those Boxtops for our Fall and Spring collection contests!

Lunch Accounts and Meal Prices

It is important that your child’s lunch account has money in it if they are purchasing lunch at school :).  You may pay online by visiting www.MySchoolBucks.com . You may also send a check or money with your child to school (be sure to include the student’s name on the memo line). Deposits can be made in the office or given to the classroom teacher.  Meal prices can be found at www.lsc.k12.in.us and clicking on the “Parents” tab, then “Food Service”.

Breakfast is served daily from 8:00-8:15.  We encourage all students eating breakfast to “use your mouth for eating, not for talking” so that they can make it to class on time.

Applications for lunch assistance are available in the office.  Earhart also partners with the Food Finders Backpack Program to provide families with meal assistance during weekends.  If you are having difficulty providing meals for your students, we would love to help connect you with local agencies that can provide relief.  Please consider letting us know when these circumstances arise so that we can walk with you during difficult times.


Medical Issues

Please keep Mrs. Smith, our school nurse, informed of any medical conditions or treatments that may have an effect on your student’s well-being at school.  Also remember that any medications, including non-prescription medicines, that need to be taken at school must be stored in the Health Clinic and taken under the supervision of our school nurse.   We ask that parents bring all medications directly to the office.


Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We ask that parents who drop off or pick up their child from school to use the south parking lot (closest to Ortman Lane) .  The north parking lot is used for bus traffic from 7:55-8:25 and 2:30-3:00).  Follow  the flow of traffic through the circle drive.  You may drop off students anywhere along the sidewalk, but we ask parents to try to pull up to the orange cone (located ~2/3 of the way around the circle) so that we can get as many students as possible exiting cars at the same time.  If you can have kisses and hugs taken care of at home, and backpacks packed prior to leaving your driveway it will make the drop-off experience better for everyone!  Should you need additional time, pull past the orange cone and turn on your hazard lights so other parents know they can pull past your vehicle.  These tips should keep traffic flowing smoothly!  Please do not create a second lane for drop-offs or pick-up: this creates a dangerous situation where students are walking between vehicles that may not be expecting a student crossing from that direction.    In the afternoons, you may wait in the pick-up line or park in a parking space, but we ask that parents not leave vehicles parked in the pickup line or parked behind regular parking spaces.  Students will be directed to pick up spots by the teachers monitoring the pick up location.  Please pull forward as directed and we’ll send your student to your car!  If you are attending a school event, please remember that buses will need the curb area in the north lot beginning at 2:30 so please plan to have your car moved before the drivers box you in.