Welcome to Earhart Speech and Language: E-Learning Edition! There will be a new theme and new activities each week!

1.       Please visit https://www.showbie.com/ and create a free account for your child. I will provide you with a code, via email, for weekly assignments.
ALL SHOWBIE CODES: Here are all codes if you want more activities! You can continue to use the ones I sent last week.
Articulation: D2AKG                                             Categories: C65AL
Describing: 9J8FU                                                 Following Directions: Y3EPC
Listening Comprehension: EJ6ZY                       Story Comprehension: 5YV37
Vocabulary: P2CBT                                               WH Questions: 8HFKT
Social Skills: CJMTN                                             Pronouns/Prepositions: YNCHA

2.   I will have certain students respond to a prompt and post a video on https://info.flipgrid.com/ .  I will provide a code for this website as well. Might have to create a free account.
Flip Grid for the week of 5/4/2020 https://flipgrid.com/ed0eee5b

3.  Starting April 6th I will be hosting weekly Zoom meetings for specific articulation sounds, any and all students/parents are welcome to join. This will include a short lesson and practice for those involved. All you need to do is put the link in and join the meeting.

Here is the schedule, topics, and link for the Zoom video calls.

Mondays at 10:00 sounds S, Z: https://zoom.us/j/917863635?pwd=QTJrZ3hLc2NON1JTZkNzcFlmTHFqUT09

Mondays at 11:00 sounds K, G, F, V https://zoom.us/j/988462005?pwd=RzJvUU1hYTNsSzdTNFBFTnJXS1hYQT09

Wednesdays at 10:00 sounds L https://zoom.us/j/670393334?pwd=Zi9TUDBUUjZtbmxxeEl2RG1jVWpGUT09

Wednesdays at 11:00 sounds P, B, T, D, M, N https://zoom.us/j/543698491?pwd=Vi8wSU1aSjNUV2pCRWtWNFEyL1F1dz09

Fridays at 10:00 sounds R https://zoom.us/j/160250565?pwd=YXhwWEF5eWRyWHRrbytySlkyekh2dz09

Fridays at 11:00 sounds SH, CH, TH https://zoom.us/j/725432000?pwd=NFVneHh1Ym5SbE5PZkFXYXJSZU93Zz09

4.       I will also be available to schedule individual Zoom video meetings, per request, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1-3. Other days/times can be discussed, if necessary.

Contact Information: Please feel free to email at ANY time, and for any speech/language question or concern! Thank you for everything you are doing!!

Samantha Pfeil


Google voice number: 765-357-8245 (Call or text)