ELearning Directions

  • Our staff will be meeting and planning for the E Learning break on March 30th. Our goal is to get assignments to you via our school website and emails with links directly to the parents. More information will be presented to you via email and the school website on March 30th. Our school website is http://ear.lsc.k12.in.us/


  • Students in all grades except Grade 1 are taking their ipads home with them. They should have a charging cord and charging brick with them as well. These ipads are to be used for E-Learning from March 31 – April 3. More details will be emailed to all parents on what apps to use and how to “turn in” assignments. (Grade 1 will be using paper packets)
  • If Ipads become damaged over break or are not returned then you will be charged for any replacement parts or maintenance. The cost for the ipad replacement ranges from $300-$500. Please take good care of them.
  • Before returning the ipad to school please sanitize it at home. This also goes for the charging cube and cord.
  • Please keep your Ipads with you at home and if you are leaving for vacation do not take them with you.

Grades and Attendance

Teachers need to take attendance during this E-learning period to make these days count as learning days. When you are submitting work or doing Dreambox online your teachers will be counting that as your daily attendance. Student work will be loaded into the website by Sunday evening and needs to be back to your teacher by the following Sunday. If your child becomes sick during the E-learning day and cant get something turned in then please let your classroom teacher know so they can give you an extended time period.

Grades will be taken based on teacher’s grading policies and will be uploaded into PowerSchool just like normal.

During this period of E-learning it is not our goal to recreate a full day of school – that would be impossible to do and it would be a lot to put on the students and parents. Instead each subject should get between 10-20 minutes of attention each day of E-learning.

You will see on the website that starting next week we are only doing E-learning on Monday ,Wednesday, and Friday. This just means that Earhart is providing you with 3 school days worth of work for the week. If you choose to do it on Tuesday or Thursday that is fine as well. We just need all work that needs to be turned in to get to your teacher by Sunday so we can do grades and attendance. My advice to you as parents – look at the weather for the week and choose the days to get this work done where you might not be able to go outside.

Special Education

If your child participates in special education classes then please wait for their teacher to email assignments to you directly. This will be done with the email that is listed in PowerSchool.

Contact Information

If you need to update your phone numbers or email in PowerSchool then please email Mrs. Littlefield and let her know. Her email is klittlefield@lsc.k12.in.us