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Earhart School
Welcome to Amelia Earhart Elementary School

You are welcome at Earhart!


We believe that all students can learn.

Kids singing
Celebrating Diversity

We believe the Earhart environment should value and celebrate diversity, creativity, safety, integrity and excellence.

Lunch table

We believe students and families should be responsible and take an active role in their education.

Kids with trees
We Believe in Our Students

We believe that all students can learn.

Kids with art

We encourage students and families to learn. 

Boy shopping

Earhart students have special opportunities, such as the annual Holiday Market. 

Kids in gym
Physical Activity

Students learn how to stay healthy and fit. 

Students at table
Library Time

Students have access to hundreds of books in the school library. 

Teacher reading
Reading Time

Students spend time reading aloud and silently, enjoying stories from their teachers. 

Kids with Broncho sign

We are proud to be part of the Broncho Family!

Girl with iPad
Independent Learning

Students are encouraged to work independently. 

Girl with words on board
Active Learning

Students are active participants in their learning. 

Boy smiling
Learning Is Fun

Earhart staff help make learning fun!


We believe that all students deserve to celebrate success.

Kids outside
A Place to Thrive

Students can explore all subjects. 

Laughing girl
A Happy School

We encourage a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Boy smiling

Students spend their days in a warm and caring environment. 

Girl painting

Art class is a time for students to express their creativity.


Congratulations for passing 95% or higher on IREAD 3 testing.

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